Vision and Mission

The earth’s climate is rapidly changing in ways that will adversely impact our lives, causing environmental deterioration and threatening our water supplies and supply chains. Across the world, response is typically divided into two interlinked components: mitigation and adaptation. Mitigation describes the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimise the changes ahead. Adaptation, on the other hand, addresses the reality that further climate change is inevitable and mankind would do well to prepare now for the climate of the future. Implementing appropriate adaptation solutions to minimize the adverse impacts of a changing climate is critical for both public and private sector organisations.

Adaptation in its broadest sense is the primary focus of GCAP. Our mission is "to passionately provide our clients with expert insight into the effects of climate change on their citizens, on their environments, and on their businesses, and to assist our clients in taking proactive steps to develop sustainable and best-value adaptation solutions to their unique climate change challenges."