Vikrom Mathur

Adaptive Institutions Expert

Vikrom Mathur has fifteen years of professional experience straddling research and policy advice, at the interface of societal change and adaptation to environmental risks.

His PhD from Oxford University examined the institutional frameworks for climate adaptation decision in Cambodia.

He has undertaken consultancy assignments for various multilateral and bilateral development agencies in ten countries, focusing on the Mekong Region: Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and the Yunnan province of China and South Asia.

He led the development of a Strategic Environmental Framework for the Asian Development Bank's programme for economic integration in the Mekong. This concluded with the establishment of a collaborative research and knowledge network for the Mekong region (SUMERNET). He is a lead author of the Vulnerability chapter of the United Nations Environment Programs Global Environment Outlook 2004.

Vikrom Mathur is an Associate of GCAP UK.