Linda J.Johnson Bell

Viticultural Resilience

Linda Johnson-Bell is an award-winning wine writer and author. Her most recent work is Wine and Climate Change: Winemaking in a New World. More than 20 years of following the world’s wine harvests has given her a bird’s eye view of the effect of climate change on the most susceptible agricultural crop, the vitis vinifera.

. Her research focuses on the historical harvest reports and first-hand experiences of the wine producers. Linda recently founded the Wine and Climate Change Institute ( to look at changing EU appellation laws and creating adaptation templates for all regions; the feasibility of irrigation; the determination of cool-climate regions; and the long-term sustainability of viticulture.

She received her wine training in France as former Editor-in-Chief of Vintage International Magazine in Paris and has a degree in International Relations and post-graduate diplomas in Law. She regularly works as an international wine judge and has contributed to dozens of publications as well as writing for radio and television. (