Dr Steen Christensen

Aquatics Resources & Adaptation Expert

Dr Steen Christensen is working with IUCN Asian Regional Office in Bangkok as the Coordinator of the Mangroves

for the Future initiative with the overall objective to strengthen the resilience of ecosystem dependent coastal communities in 9 member countries in South and Southeast Asia.

Steen has more than 25 years of experience working with multidisciplinary programmes relating to aquatic resources and ecosystems in Europe, Africa, Greenland and South and Southeast Asia. He has worked as an Associate Professor with the Danish Institute for Fisheries Economics, University of South Jutland (DIFER), and as a senior research scientist with the Institute of Aquatic Resources, the Danish Technical University (DTU-Aqua).

Steen was the Chief Technical Adviser to Danida in a Fisheries Management Programme in Vietnam, as Senior Advisor to the Mekong River Commission in a fisheries valuation programme and in various EU funded projects in Southeast Asia since 1999.

Steen Christensen is an Advisor to GCAP UK.