Senior Associates

We draw upon knowledge leaders for consulting projects, developing our Adaptation Toolkit, Innovation & Leadership and in the Adaptation Academy. Our registry of consultants includes nearly 2000 experts who expressed an interest in working with us.

Linda J.Johnson Bell

Viticultural Resilience

Linda Johnson-Bell is an award-winning wine writer and author. Her most recent work is Wine and Climate Change: Winemaking in a New World. More than 20 years of following the world’s wine harvests has given her a bird’s eye view of the effect of climate change on the most susceptible agricultural crop, the vitis vinifera.

Matthew Savage

Adaptation Finance Expert

Matthew Savage is an international policy, finance and investment expert. He specialises in green growth, greenhouse gas mitigation and climate resilience.

Muriel Bonjean

Senior Adaptation Expert

Muriel Bonjean provides technical direction and leadership in the development of adaptation solutions through project-based services.

Dorothy A. Amwata

Livelihood & Food Security Expert

Dr Dorothy A. Amwata has experience with ecosystem dynamics, livelihoods and food security in the drylands

Brian Otiende

Environmental Scientist

Brian Otiende is an Environmental Scientist with an MSc in Managing Environmental Change from the University of St Andrews (UK)

Vikrom Mathur

Adaptive Institutions Expert

Vikrom Mathur has fifteen years of professional experience straddling research and policy advice, at the interface of societal change and adaptation to environmental risks.

Dr Steen Christensen

Aquatics Resources & Adaptation Expert

Dr Steen Christensen is working with IUCN Asian Regional Office in Bangkok as the Coordinator of the Mangroves

Gwenaëlle Delcourt Riestra

Operations Executive

Gwen Delcourt is a Geography graduate from Durham University specialising in climate change adaptation.

Helen Greatrex

Climate Applications Expert

Helen Greatrex specialities include analysing historical and future climate information, and interpreting this to show the impact on agriculture.