Comprehensive Adaptation Planning Methodology (cAPM)

cAPM is a comprehensive adaptation planning methodology for developing and implementing adaptation solutions.

Governments, Organisations and Practitioners facing the challenge of climate change impact assessment, adaptation planning and implemenation, need to build their adaptation strategies on sound knowledge. Adding to the complexity, climate change adaptation solutions cut across many knowledge domains — there is no single approach or tool that is adequate for all users’ needs.

There are many organizations providing adaptation planning or capacity building services but only GCAP takes it a step further and provides a range of flexible adaptation solutions that effectively link planning with implementation through intelligent IT automation tools. Drawing upon our experience in delivering innovative and world leading climate adaptation solutions, GCAP has developed a comprehensive adaptation planning methodology (cAPM) that helps clients rapidly develop a range of relevant and practical options for ‘adapting well’ to their climate challenges. Automation adds structure and discipline to implementing plans and helps track & communicate actual performance.

cAPM adaptation solutions are offered as ‘Roadmaps’ for either quick implementation as a set of Customized Apps (GCAP’s aSpace online suite), or as an Adaptation Service (aSpace online suite with GCAP consulting services) or as a fully customized Adaptation Platform (custom-made,  automated suite of adaptation systems supported by GCAP consulting & training services) depending on the clients’ needs.