aSpace Online Application Suite

aSpace is a unique online workplace for developing and applying adaptation solutions.

aSpace Online Application SuiteOrganisations and practitioners facing the challenge of climate change impact assessment, adaptation processes and risk management, need to build their adaptation strategies on sound knowledge. Just knowing what are the particular needs and what type of data, information or knowledge are available is a major undertaking. To add to the complexity, climate change adaptation solutions cut across many knowledge domains — there is no single approach or tool that is adequate for all users’ needs.

Drawing upon our experience in delivering innovative and world leading climate adaptation solutions, GCAP has developed aSpace, an online knowledge manage service, that helps clients selecting the most relevant and practical options for ‘adapting well’ to their climate challenges.

aSpace delivers best value adaptation solutions customized to meet the clients’ unique needs and assists decision makers in making timely, relevant decisions. With access to all global climate databases, aSpace uses climate change information to provide key adaptation insights while working within the client’s existing procedures and frameworks. aSpace uses dynamic processes that call for robust, tailored and transparent solutions designed to meet clients’ unique decision needs.

How it works?

aSpace is an analytical toolbox that allow clients to develop adaptation solutions through a sequence of steps i.e. from profiling the user’s needs, to an initial scoping of risks and opportunities and choosing appropriate adaptation actions.

aSpace is designed as applications or Apps, organized in thematic clusters with core services. Although each app is fully functional stand alone, however, together they provide a roadmap for analysis that is easily tailored to a client’s needs.

The thematic clusters develop a sequence of analysis i.e. from profiling the user’s needs[AK1] , to an initial scoping of risks and opportunities and choosing appropriate actions. This analytical toolbox is supported by applications to track progress in ‘adapting well’, learning platforms (linking to global climate information databases) and reporting / communicating within organization or with  the public.

These ‘Apps’ are never the answer on their own, the core principal is to capture good practice through working closely with our clients.

  • Customized solution to clients’ unique needs
  • Easy access to online, cloud based system; fully secure access and protected data
  • Effective step-by-step ASSESS, PLAN, ACT methodology to support real-time decisions
  • Relevant and practical adaptation comparison based on good practice and sound economic benefit techniques
  • Access to global climate information systems for climate contextual information
  • Easy to scale up with demands growth; designed as interlinked ‘apps’
  • Easy to communication; data visualization tools help risk exposure to various climate change impacts 
  • Easy to learn and apply
Salient Features

ASSESS: Climate Screening Tool

Assesses the vulnerability of a project concept to climate change and assigns a project to a categorisation based on risk to climate change using scorecard methodology

APPRAISE: Evaluate adaptation options

Enables staff to identify appropriate and cost-effective adaptation options for a project; a different set of procedures is followed for each project type.

MLE: Monitoring, Learning & Evaluation for Resilience

Apps to enable project staff to identify a relevant Theory of Change for achieving resilience, select and customize Key Performance Indictors and monitor progress through a Dashboard.

Adaptation Factsheet Builder

Based on an online template, that can be used for any country, the national adaptation factsheet collates up-to-date information on climate projections, country indicators, etc. that can be imported from the aSpace information base

Use case Builder

Adaptation Use Cases represent the decision space of real people that help define the value of information in making a decision, the constraints of both the decision-makers and climate-impacts-vulnerability information and the criteria used in decision making within an actor-knowledge network.

Information Base

Provides direct access to a collection of supporting resources and documents to support the Climate Screening Tool and AREP; it also contains a database of adaptation activities and links to a wide range of information on adaptation globally. 


Organizes the client’s workspace by presenting relevant project and Apps information in one place alongside the Monitoring and Learning for Evaluation (MLE) outputs that lead to learning and set the baseline for evaluation of impacts and outcomes.

Admin and User Access Management  

Allows the administrator to define users with roles and assigned privileges to access various modules. Only authorized users have access to relevant apps / features based on their assigned privileges. aSpace has the following login types:

  • Task Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Administrator

Demo available on demand

For demo, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.