Climate Adaptation Academies

Bespoke technical and leadership programmes for adaptation and resilience

Faced with the reality of climate change, organizations recognize the need to ensure they can adapt to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Drawing upon nearly a decade leading our flagship Adaptation Academy Oxford as well as our extensive library of modules, group exercises, presentations and supporting materials, we offer programmes customized to meet your organisation’s needs.

Guided by intellectuals and expert practitioners, our programme will enhance participants’ skills to plan and implement effective adaptation projects by grounding our learning in real-life adaptation implementation challenges, practicing group learning and knowledge sharing, and by developing the leadership skills necessary to effectively direct the change process.


What will you learn?

From course length to content and focus, we will tailor the Academy to your specific needs as an organization. Whether your preference is for an on-site programme of half to full day sessions over one month, a convenient out-of-office location for an intense programme over 3 to 5 days, or a field-based, immersive learning option, we will work with you to build a course empowering middle to senior managers, project and program managers and adaptation practitioners to enhance their impact and leadership skills within your organisation and to develop a solid grounding in conceptual frameworks of vulnerability, climate impacts and adaptation, with a focus on the "how to" rather than "what is" of adaptation.


Who is it for?

This hands-on and immersive programme for managers and climate adaptation practitioners offers you:

  • a program matched to your unique set of needs and requirements
  • a platform for practitioners across your organisation
  • an integrated practical application with a leadership component as a distinctive feature of our approach

Join Us

For further information about how our Climate Adaptation Academies can benefit your organisation, please contact us at academy[at]