Our Work 

GCAP provides three types of intellectually superior climate services: climate change adaptation consulting, climate adaptation training programmes and knowledge-led client services. Each service not only has its own unique value add but also supports and enhances the effectiveness of other services, contributing to the overall success of GCAP’s client focused and innovation driven strategy.

GCAP takes climate adaptation services a step ahead of its competition by providing a wide ange of flexible adaptation solutions that effectively link adaptation planning with implementation through intelligent IT automation tools. Drawing upon our experience in delivering innovative and world leading climate adaptation solutions, GCAP has developed a comprehensive adaptation planning methodologies that helps clients rapidly develop a range of relevant and practical options for ‘adapting well’ to their climate challenges. 

Although the climate arena is quite challenging and unpredictable, however, GCAP believes its service offerings viewed by its Clients as extremely Value Added and continues to lead on the knowledge frontier, learning and constantly innovating its service offerings to match the ever-changing climate adaptation challenges.