Bringing innovation to practice in adapting to climate change.

Making the case for investing in adaptation

Sustainable house

There have been a slew of announcements this year which all point to one thing: business has figured out that there’s a lot of money to be made in the transition to a Green Economy. Be it record low costs for solar and wind energy, huge commitments to clean energy in both China and India, announcements from Volvo and BMW that herald the beginning of the end for petrol and diesel cars, or climate commitments from investor after investor, the message is clear. The momentum being generated as the global economy creaks into gear with the aim of decarbonisation means that the picture with regards emissions is brighter than it has been for years. And, while this shift has been encouraged by important policy commitments on reducing emissions, it is being driven by the fact that the economics make sense and there is money to be made from the transition – making the change we are currently seeing much faster and more sustainable than it would otherwise be.

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