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The impact of failing to understand information flow within climate adaptation and resilience responses

by Wilson Hui https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Each year, at the Oxford Adaptation Academy, participants develop 'stakeholder maps' to establish the impact of their work and to highlight areas that...
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3 key challenges for Green Investment Banks

A recent OECD/New Climate Economy report on Green Investment Banks (GIBs) has found that 12 ‘GIB or GIB-like’ institutions now exist across the world, almost all of which have been created in the past 5 years. While the progress highlighted in the report is promising, my impression is that 3 key challenges remain for these institutions in promoting large-scale, low-carbon resilient development:

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Is Global Climate Change Good for Business?

Is Global Climate Change Good for Business?By Steve Wilson

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Growth in the wrong place: water and jobs in the U.S

US Population Growth
US Precipitation

The U.S has a problem. No, not that one, but a very particular problem related to the geography of growth and water availability. Put simply, both population growth and job growth in the U.S appears to increasingly concentrated in a handful of states, while a significant number, in particular in the Midwest, are experiencing decreases in population, with internal migration playing an big role. Adam Carstens has a neat summary at Medium highlighting these trends, and Forbes notes that 7 of the 10 of their ‘best for jobs’ cities in 2017 are concentrated in water-stressed western states (Utah, Arizona, Texas and California). Importantly, these are not just short-term blips, but reflect longer-term changes as well – 7 of the 10 fastest growing states from 1990-2000 were also western states.

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Climate is changing Europe

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We know Europe is changing, from political realignment to humanitarian crises. Change is the new normal. And behind the headlines, the climate continues its relentless dynamic of new records and startling impacts in Europe.

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