• Review of the DFID portfolio in Rwanda and recommendations for mainstreaming climate change adaptation and low carbon growth in planning and budget processes in Rwanda.

  • The CEIL PEAKS programme contracted GCAP to produce a report as guidance for DFID country offices on actions needed to address the predicted impacts, both negative and positive, of climate change on agriculture and the potential adaptation measures.

    Fourteen examples of guidance on agriculture and climate adaptation are reviewed under section headings: Framing Guidance on Adaptation; Scanning Guidance on Climate Smart Agriculture; and Lessons Learnt.

  • The work was led by GCAP, working with local partner organisations on the island including:
    The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) and
    The Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS)

  • Review of potential impacts of climate change on key sectors of the economy, stimulate government, private sector and civil society actions to develop and implement policies and programmes, provide an evidence base to inform and guide government's position on adaptation and low carbon development, further alert public opinion and stimulate national debate on economic costs and benefits of a range of possible actions on adaptation and mitigation.