Who we are

Who We Are

Bringing innovation to practice in adapting to climate change

As the pace of climate change accelerates, businesses and governments are increasingly engaging in efforts to determine sound climate adaptation solutions. GCAP is a unique company that brings together a senior team with over 300 years of experience as knowledge leaders to develop and apply innovative and effective solutions for our clients as they face the challenges of adapting to climate change.

Established in 2010, we are a leading climate change adaptation consultancy, training and knowledge management company. We are a principal provider of national adaptation investment and finance, climate economics, climate adaptation strategy and planning, climate risk screening, adaptation training, and custom adaptation knowledge services globally.

Our distinctive approach combines in-depth knowledge, integration of vast amounts of data, global and local expertise and strong operational and planning insights. We develop practical and innovative adaptation solutions that are shaped around climate vulnerability, socio-economic impacts and long term vision.

Our experts understand the uncertainties of climate change and the unique aspects of the target region in order to provide relevant analysis of the costs and benefits of climate change adaptation, select appropriate adaptation options, build a customised adaptation knowledge tool, and train clients in best leadership and innovation practices to find the most appropriate adaptation solutions.

We are well connected in the Adaptation field and continue to remain on the knowledge frontier, learning and improving our service offerings. We are an international partnership of the world's leading climate experts that provide climate adaptation solutions through an expanding network of associates and offices located in regions where adaptation services are in most demand.

We are also well connected with all the major players in the Adaptation world including the Adaptation Fund Board, United Nations Convention on Climate Change Secretariat, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank and many of the national governments who are building early adaptation programmes.

Our track record speaks for itself. We work at every scale from developing National Adaptation Plans at the Federal Government level to working directly with communities in developing countries to build climate adaptation solutions for their local agricultural or pastoral practices. Our Oxford Adaptation Academy is one-of-its-kind comprehensive training course that provides a well-rounded approach towards understanding the Climate Change vulnerabilities and various practical approaches of developing and implementing robust climate adaptation solutions. Our Climate Safeguard System is being used by one of the leading Development Banks as a template for screening requirements, which has set new standards for mainstreaming adaptation into project planning.

Our Work 

GCAP provides three types of intellectually superior climate services: climate change adaptation consulting, climate adaptation training programmes and knowledge-led client services. Each service not only has its own unique value add but also supports and enhances the effectiveness of other services, contributing to the overall success of GCAP’s client focused and innovation driven strategy.

GCAP takes climate adaptation services a step ahead of its competition by providing a wide ange of flexible adaptation solutions that effectively link adaptation planning with implementation through intelligent IT automation tools. Drawing upon our experience in delivering innovative and world leading climate adaptation solutions, GCAP has developed a comprehensive adaptation planning methodologies that helps clients rapidly develop a range of relevant and practical options for ‘adapting well’ to their climate challenges. 

Although the climate arena is quite challenging and unpredictable, however, GCAP believes its service offerings viewed by its Clients as extremely Value Added and continues to lead on the knowledge frontier, learning and constantly innovating its service offerings to match the ever-changing climate adaptation challenges.

Work with us small

Work With Us

GCAP is a client focused, service driven company using cutting edge knowledge leadership and expertise to win business. We are a global partnership of adaptation professionals that delivers value, flexibility, and quality with skills spanning a broad range of disciplines and are committed to working in a highly interactive client-focused environment.
There are many different ways of getting involved with GCAP. Whether you are an individual consultant, an adaptation practitioner or an organisation seeking to support advanced climate adaptation services in your region, we are interested in talking and working with you.

For Consultants and Adaptation Practitioners:
GCAP actively seeks to develop partnerships with qualified people interested in climate adaptation solutions and developing long-term sustainable capacity. We maintain a register of all adaptation consultants and practitioners interested in working with us.
Please register your interest in working with us by visiting contact us page.

For Organisations:
GCAP seeks business partners to support advanced climate adaptation services. To effectively serve the needs of a rapidly growing market, and to fulfill our vision of building effective resilience, requires investment in new knowledge bases, professional capacity and leadership.
For projects that could benefit from GCAP’s involvement, you can get in touch with us and see if we can develop something together.


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