Business Partners

Business Partners

GCAP seeks business partners to support advanced climate adaptation services. To effectively serve the needs of a rapidly growing market, and to fulfill our vision of building effective resilience, requires investment in new knowledge bases, professional capacity and leadership. 

Please visit Our Partners page for a list of our current partners

Our plans rest on establishing partners across a range of levels, as outlined in the table below

Partnership level

Relationship and expectations


GCAP and AWARE partners are familiar with each other, and look forward to tendering together on appropriate opportunities. Each case is taken on its own merits.


Both parties look for opportunities to work together and often give each other the 'first right of refusal' on an emerging opportunity, continuing to build on a shared track record. Partners may have a written agreement with GCAP that makes it easier to tender.


A formal agreement exists to work together, that extends existing projects and cooperation as a business that we seek to expand together. Joint Venture agreements are voluntary and not exclusive, but go one step further than BUSINESS ASSOCIATES to work with leading clients and develop opportunities.


Shares in GCAP BV are on offer--to raise additional capital, signal to our clients the extent of our global partnerships and establish buy-in for our staff (Managing Directors and Principals). Several groups have indicated intetest at this level.


Some of our services could expand to be major offerings in the Adaptation Market. To fully develop those opportunities requires investment and formal agreements on IPR, profit sharing and services.


Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any queries regaring business partnership with GCAP.