Partnerships are central to our consulting, knowledge services and academy. We work closely with many of the global knowledge leaders on climate adaptation and resilience. A priority is to establish successful Joint Ventures with specialist companies in specific markets.

These Partners have signed agreements to work together in delivering Adaptation Services. We also work with many knowledge partners and consultancies for specific projects.

Grupo Laera

partner5Grupo Laera is a consulting team in Bogotá focused on SMEs. They combine leading experts in customer service, micro-finance and natural ecosystems to develop sound investment projects on climate resilience. GCAP and Grupo Laera cooperate on project development in Latin America and in understanding the market for adaptation in the private sector.


partner4Upande, based in Kenya, specialises in GIS, WebGIS, general web development and mobile application development. Upande provides high- end services to international and local clients since it was founded in 2009. GCAP and Upande work closely in Kenya and develop spatially aware solutions to achieve climate resilience.

Geospatial Analytical Services (GeoSAS)

geo-sasGeospatial Analytical Services (GeoSAS) is an Ethiopian company that provides professional services in the planning, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development projects in infrastructure, health, agriculture and the environment. GCAP and GeoSAS have led pioneering work on climate resilience in land use planning for the Climate Resilient Green Development initiative.


pakistan-poverty-alleviation-fundPPAF promotes effective poverty alleviation, linking a holistic and multi- sectoral strategy to deep impacts at the community level. Institutions of the poor at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid are the focal point of PPAF programmes. GCAP and PPAF have joined to identify linkages between disaster risk reduction, climate resilience and transformational development.


aWhereaWhere enables the integration of complex agricultural, environmental, and public health data into local, actionable insight. GCAP and aWhere are developing adaptation services using advanced climate products in the private sector.


iht-services Connolly merged with iHealth Technologies, which was founded in 2001. At the time of the merger, Connolly was a leading provider of retrospective claims accuracy solutions to U.S. healthcare providers and retailers and iHealth Technologies was a leading provider of prospective claims accuracy solutions to U.S. healthcare providers.  We rebranded our company as Cotiviti in September 2015. Cotiviti lead development of GCAP’s Adaptation Space and online knowledge management services. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the fact that over 90% of their clients have remained with them for over 5 years. Having a long-term professional partner ensures that GCAP’s tools are fully supported.


Atkins is one of the world's leading design, engineering and project management consultancies with a breadth and depth of expertise to respond to the most technically challenging and time-critical infrastructure projects. The Futures Group in Atkins lead work on climate change, including carbon management, risk assessment and robust adaptation plans for the built and natural environment. GCAP and Atkins collaborated on development of the Climate Safeguards System for the African Development Bank.