Principal Scientists

Our Senior Leadership team has extensive experience and brings together partners from across the world.

Ben Smith

Adaptation Knowledge Services

Ben has 9 years experience working on adaptation internationally, and specialises climate screening and adaptation knowledge services.

Paul Watkiss

Economics of Adaptation Expert

Paul Watkiss has over 25 years of experience working in the field of adaptation with a primary focus on the economics of adaptation and climate change.

John Colvin

Senior Adaptation Practitioner

John Colvin works widely on integrated and adaptive approaches to sustainable planning and development.

Mehjabeen Abidi-Habib

Senior Adaptation Practitioner

Dr Mehjabeen Abidi-Habib is a Senior Research Fellow at the Sustainable Development Study Centre of Government College University (GCU),

Lesley Downing

Urban Planner

Lesley Downing is an urban planner and Affiliate in the Department of Planning, Oxford Brookes University.

Alastair Hunt

Economics of Environment Expert

Dr Alastair Hunt is Research Fellow in the Environment Group at Department of Economics, University of Bath.

Dr David Stainforth

Principal Scientist

Dr. David Stainforth has a PhD from the University of Oxford, an MSc in Energy Systems and Environmental Management from Glasgow University

Dominic Molloy

Environmental Economist

Dominic Molloy is an Environmental Economist with an MSc from University College London and over 5 years of experience working across the private, public and non-profit sectors.