Private Markets for Climate Resilience

pmcrCompanies and investors are beginning to see climate change adaptation as an opportunity rather than simply a cost as climate impacts are generating a need for new products and services that present solutions for resilience.

Private Markets for Climate Resilience is an assessment of risks and opportunities for companies and investors. This project is the first major investment by Climate Finance Institutions—the Multilateral Investment Fund and Nordic Development Fund--to systematically evaluate the potential market for climate resilience solutions in the private sector. Focusing on transport and agriculture, this initiative seeks to examine current best practices and investigate the opportunities in this emerging sector by identifying the leaders that will shape the emerging market, highlighting products, services, tools and innovative processes, creating an information platform with emerging opportunities for investment, and identifying companies that are candidates for investment.

Led by Tom Downing of the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership, and Carmen Lacambra of Grupo Laera, the assessment builds on six country analyses to ground innovation in real stakeholder communities. In Colombia, South Africa, and the Philippines, our teams are developing stakeholder and technical networks. In Nicaragua, Kenya and Vietnam, the project teams are in place for a rapid appraisal and applications.


Our methodology: designed to promote investment opportunities

The survey of the rapidly expanding literature, project launch, interactions with the investor community and clarification in our design stage for the project methodology across our team all point to four major headlines. These are working propositions that already have some evidence and will be further investigated during the project. (read more…)


Lead Organisations:

The Private Markets for Climate Resilience project is led by the Joint Venture between the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership and Grupo Laera in partnership with a consortium of leading regional and sectoral experts. For more information, please contact the Project Directors, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and join our Private Markets for Climate Resilience LinkedIn Group.


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From the Blog

A recent presentation on climate resilience in the Colombian ports sector from our expert Carlos Andres Sanchez Garcia, illustrating initial results from the GCAP/Grupo Laera – led project 'Private Markets for Climate Resilience in Asia, Africa and Latin America'. Highlights include: Key climate risks to ports include sedimentation of the harbour bed, coastal erosion, sea level rise, and damage to facilities from extreme weather. Impacts on businesses can be significant, from increased costs of maintenance and operations, to increased insurance premiums for ports in vulnerable zones. Key resilience solutions include dredging to combat sedimentation, a three-stage ‘elevate, defend, retreat’ strategy to adapt to sea level rise, soft adaptation solutions for coastal erosion, and methods for increased access to climate data. To see the full presentation visit the following page: For information on 'Private Market...