Oxford Adaptation Academy

Comprehensive Course for Leaders and Practitioners 

With GCAP, explore your role, make new and binding friendships with future leaders, raise the bar on your own thinking and potential by rubbing shoulders with an internationally renowned academic community, learn first-hand from expert practitioners and be inspired by leading intellectuals pioneering revolutionary interventions.

This video captures what makes the Oxford Adaptation Academy distinctive and why participants appreciate it so much.   Recognising participants' other professional commitments, the course will be delivered over a two week period from the 13 -25 August, 2017.

At the moment we do not award credit for the Academy.  In some cases we are able to offer places to those who are currently students on an undergraduate or postgraduate programme, where the applicant has a reasonable amount of relevant work experience. If you would like to obtain credit from your own institution for attending the programme, please consult them in advance and inform us of your intention in your application form. We would be happy to provide further details about the course for this purpose and, if required, an assessment of your work during the Academy.


The 2017 Oxford Adaptation Academy will be built around 4 Modules:

  • Navigating the Adaptation Landscape
  • Adapting the Project Cycle for Transformation
  • Champions and Climate Change
  • Business cases for Climate Resilience

The course programme will reflect the needs and interests of the participants, but is likely to:

  • Explore the framing of climate change and concepts of risk, vulnerability and adaptation;
  • Assess vulnerability and impacts, with experience from disaster risk reduction;
  • Analyse climate data for change and variability trends and extreme events;
  • Assess confidence and uncertainty in climate change scenarios;
  • Develop personal leadership skills and an understanding of organisational change;
  • Create a project level Theory of Change integrating a continuum of adaptation from good development to transformation;
  • Work with practical approaches to communicating climate risks and adaptation opportunities;
  • Map socio-institutional networks, information flows and needs;
  • Define national, sectoral, urban and local strategies and measures;
  • Assess the economics of adaptation and adaptation finance;
  • Screen adaptation options to develop sound projects;
  • Explore innovative approaches for resilience in the private sector.

Each year it includes special topics such as enterprise finance, risk rating, corporate sustainability and urban resilience. The course assumes that participants understand the fundamentals of climate science.  There is no session dedicated to this topic.  There is a commitment to active learning alongside an environment of peer-to-peer sharing and exchange of experience. In this way, the academy aims to build a genuine 'community of practice'. 

Learning Approach

We employ an extensive library of modules, group exercises, case studies and supporting material to bridge knowledge and application, theory and practice. Our learning approach includes:

  • Keynote lectures and presentations by world-leading experts;
  • Hands-one group exercises;
  • Demonstrations, role playing and group building exercises;
  • Walking tour of Oxford and other social events;
  • Practical development of relevant work by each participant;
  • Individual coaching;
  • Online discussions and supporting material.