We specialize in offering Climate Adaptation Consulting services. Our methodology addresses practical climate change adaptation and environmental challenges.

Adaptation Academy

Adaptation Academy 

Our Adaptation Academy is the foremost climate adaptation training program for individuals and organizations to develop practical skills to address climate adaptation challenges.

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Knowledge space

Knowledge Space

Knowledge Space is collaboration platform where GCAP and its Partners innovate to deliver Adaptation Solutions for our clients supported by advanced IT tools.

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From the Blog

A recent presentation on climate resilience in the Colombian ports sector from our expert Carlos Andres Sanchez Garcia, illustrating initial results from the GCAP/Grupo Laera – led project 'Private Markets for Climate Resilience in Asia, Africa and Latin America'. Highlights include: Key climate risks to ports include sedimentation of the harbour bed, coastal erosion, sea level rise, and damage to facilities from extreme weather. Impacts on businesses can be significant, from increased costs of maintenance and operations, to increased insurance premiums for ports in vulnerable zones. Key resilience solutions include dredging to combat sedimentation, a three-stage ‘elevate, defend, retreat’ strategy to adapt to sea level rise, soft adaptation solutions for coastal erosion, and methods for increased access to climate data. To see the full presentation visit the following page: For information on 'Private Market...