We specialize in offering Climate Adaptation Consulting services. Our methodology addresses practical climate change adaptation and environmental challenges.

Adaptation Academy

Adaptation Academy 

Our Adaptation Academy is the foremost climate adaptation training program for individuals and organizations to develop practical skills to address climate adaptation challenges.

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Knowledge space

Knowledge Space

Knowledge Space is collaboration platform where GCAP and its Partners innovate to deliver Adaptation Solutions for our clients supported by advanced IT tools.

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Success Stories

GCAP consortium informs business investment against climate change risk

Businesses must consider the future financial costs of climate change according to the authors of a new climate change adaptation report prepared for one of the UK's largest social housing providers.

As part of an Innovate UK project led by the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership with Daniel Black & Associates, researchers at the University of Bath and University of Manchester mapped key risk factors from climate change for leading housing, care and support services provider Aster Group.



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Adaptation animated!
We view adaptation as a continuum of action. The sense of many different adaptations is essential to our adaptation toolkit. No one solution--or framing--fits all contexts. Here are three animations that we use in our Adaptation Academy and with stakeholders to quickly capture a common starting point.   1. Get your head out of the sand! A crab pokes its head out of the sand and takes a look around. What are you looking for? Waymarks in ada...
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